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Tamgroute Plates & Dishes
Tamgroute PLATE Medium size
Tamgroute PLATE Medium size
Tamgroute PLATE Medium size

Tamegroute Plates & Dishes

Extra large Plates & Medium Dishes

Price : on request Quantity available :

Small dish: diam 17cm/18cm
medium dish: diam 20cm/22cm
regular dish: diam 28cm/30cm
Large dish: 38cm/40cm
XL dish with foot : 45cm / 60cm

Tamgroute is a village located in the Draa River valley in southern Morocco.The pottery has become its main characteristic since the 16th century . Except for a few ochre shades, a green glaze is the dominant colour in pottery from Tamegroute. As with Fes Zelliges, and even more so, the ancient techniques give the glaze infinite variations. produce the superb green pottery varnished with hues ranging from reseda to pine to olive green, gives the region an international reputation. The technique hasn’t changed and is passed on from one generation to the next, repeating the same gestures time after time. Currently, seven families still work there.

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