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Boujâat ancient *170 x 300cm

Boujâad ancient *170 x 300cm

one-of-a-kind Morocco

Price : 550€ Quantity available : 1

Each piece that I  hand select during my sourcing trips reminds me of a feeling or a place. This piece  reminded me of the colors of the moroccan interiors. The color tones change are a deep red and blue symbols with shades of grey in the frame

Moroccan rugs are hand woven in 100% wool by Berber women of the tribal region specified. Each rug can take a few months to year to complete. The weaving techniques have been passed down through the generations. From modern designs to vintage abstract form this is a way the Berber women carefully preserve their heritage of technique and knowledge passing down messages in wool from one generation to another creating textiles full of life and charm.

Please note that computer resolutions are different and we try to capture our rugs in natural light. If you would like more photos we would be happy to send

Place of Origin: Handcrafted in Morocco

Region: Boujaad rugs are hand woven pile rugs from a small region between the Middle Atlas. These rugs are all individually crafted by hand and may be slightly asymmetrical in their shape and pattern with some minor imperfections.

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